What if a community committed to reading the same book and then met to talk about the questions the book raises?

What would we learn about ourselves as individuals and as a community?

BLOOMSBURG READS is a collaboration between the Coalition for Social Equity and the Bloomsburg Public Library.

Join the respectful conversation on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

Guest speakers Don Wild Eagle Wuebber, Joachim Star Cloud Wuebber, Scott Atherton, and other guests will offer their personal response to Neither Wolf Nor Dog. 

After the large-group session, we will break into facilitated small groups for conversation. 

“Neither Wolf Nor Dog takes us past the myths and stereo types of the Native American experience, revealing an America few ever see.


About the book:

In this award-winning book, author Kent Nerburn draws us deep into the world of a Native American elder named Dan, who leads Kent through Indian towns and down forgotten roads that swirl with the memories of the Ghost Dance and Sitting Bull. Against an unflinching backdrop of 1990s reservation life and the majestic spaces of the western Dakotas, Neither Wolf nor Dog tells the story of two men, one white and one Indian, locked in their own understandings yet struggling to find a common voice.

About the Author

Kent Nerburn is widely recognized as one of the few white American writers who can respectfully bridge the gap between Native and non-Native cultures. Novelist Louise Erdrich has called his work “storytelling with a greatness of heart.” Nerburn is the author of 15 books on spirituality and Native themes.  The volumes in his groundbreaking trilogy, Neither Wolf nor Dog: On Forgotten Roads with an Indian Elder, The Wolf at Twilight: An Indian Elder’s Journey through a Land of Ghosts and Shadows, and The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo: A Child, an Elder, and the Light from an Ancient Sky, are considered core works in the multicultural curriculum of schools and colleges. [All three books are available at the Bloomsburg Public Library.]

Kent Nerburn’s website can be found at www.kentnerburn.com


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