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AthletesReady-Set-Read! finished up Tuesday morning programs on 19 July with tales of unusual athletes, some very dumb bunnies, and dinosaur football. The hour wrapped up with much silliness: a “Summer Reading Club Olympians” flip book craft project and an obstacle course. Craziness! Hilarity! Actual running in the Library!

Don’t miss the Pic-Not on Wednesday, 27 July, from 10:00 to 11:00 AM. There will be games and snacks, and a free paperback book to take home. Kids age three to age fifteen–don’t miss it!




DancersOur Summer Reading Club Dance team performed to the strains of “You Never Had a Friend Like Me” from the movie “Aladdin” on Tuesday, 5 July, with instructor/choreographer at the helm. It was quite a workout, and showcased some new and unexpected talent! Aren’t you sorry now that you missed your chance?






5 animal frolic

You animals, you! Seriously, who didn’t feel better, stronger, more relaxed on Tuesday, 28 July, when Elaine Pongratz, Tai Chi instructor, led us through the traditional Five Animal Frolic. Ever wonder what it would be like to be a bear–a tiger–a crane–a monkey–a deer? We found out, and had a wonderful time.



Anybody who loves a good story, especially as told by a great storyteller, enjoyed a real treatScott on Tuesday, 21 June, when Summer Reading Club was delighted to host Scott Atherton with his collection of Native American Tales. Everyone went home with their own Native-American-inspired craft project after a crazy game of blanket toss. So–What are your plans for NEXT week? We’ll be here with another new program.


Summer Reading Club programs began Tuesday, 14 June,with “Inappropriate Edibles.” Readers constructed their very own versions of the One Horned One Eyed Flying Purple People Eater Paper Bag Puppet. PPEPBP2

RTM craft









What can you make when somebody hands you a bunch of shapes and a glue stick? Read-to-Me Club listeners had as many answers as there were attendees, on Wednesday, 29 June. That’s more than thirty flights of imagination!


PrizesCaught you looking! You’ll get a much better view of all these goodies–and more–

on 2 August, 9:00 AM to 7:45 PM at our Sizzlin’ Summer Shop.

Turn in your logsheet strips for Golden Tokens NO LATER THAN 1 AUGUST!





Sign up for one–sign up for both–AUTOMATICALLY! Readers age six to age fifteen no longer have to decide, or GR815wonder which one they’ve signed up for. Get all the benefits, all at once.


On Your Mark, Get Set—READ!

SRC 16 banner

Sign up starting on MAY 20th. Then, treat yourself to programs once a week for six weeks, programs full of stories, crafts and games, beginning June 14th. Grownups are not required but are welcome–and will probably be put to work. Fun starts at 9:30 AM, lasts until 10:00 am, every Tuesday morning up to and including July 19th.

Pick up a logsheet starting June 13th and get reading! Complete each strip of minutes and turn them in one by one or all at once for a Golden Token for each strip.  Cash your tokens in at our Sizzling Summer Shop for some cool prizes.


Sign up starting  MAY 20th (Remember: sign up for Summer Reading Club, you’re signed up for GREAT 8). Check out a least one book a week starting June 13th.

Tell the librarians when you check out that you’re a GREAT 8 reader and every week, you’ll get a button or a pin.

Week 2, you can stop wondering what to do with your buttons: you’ll get a colorful cap to pin them to.

Week 3, you’ll also get a fast-food coupon, while supplies last. Enjoy!

End up with eight buttons and a cap. How great is that?


On Wednesday, JULY 27th , GREAT 8s, Summer Readers and Read-to-Me Club members are invited to the big Pic-Not. It’s our indoor celebration featuring games, snacks, bingo, and a free paperback book for everyone. Starts at 10:00 AM, ends at 11:00 AM.


Collect all those tokens you’ve earned for all that luscious reading and bring them in on August 2nd, then shop ’til you drop among all the goodies we’ll have ready for you. Prices start at one token and go up and up!

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