• Eclipse Glasses – the whole story


    Unfortunately, libraries DO NOT have a stash of eclipse glasses — despite all the news reports and Facebook posting that say we do. Just not true.  Some US  libraries got free ones through a special program that ended weeks ago.  We did not. We wish we had them, but we do not. 

    We have a very limited number and those who participate in the library’s program will get to use a pair – to share

    We thank the Friends of the BPL for buying us the few that we have.

    We regret the disappointment of so many who have called about glasses.



Kindergarten Readiness through PLAY


PLAY K is based on the concept “PLAY is a child’s WORK.” Through play, children develop skill in social interaction, improve vocabulary and refine behaviors.

PLAY K participants will enjoy interactive Circle Time, discussing new ideas and new information, learning songs and playing games.

Age-appropriate crafts will help them learn to handle scissors and pencils.

There will be time to play. Each session will conclude with a chance for children and parents to play together with the high-quality, educational toys provided as part of the PLAY K  program.


PLAY K is a program developed by the Office of Commonwealth Libraries to assist public libraries in providing quality early learning experiences. The Bloomsburg Public Library is the only library in the Columbia-Montour area offering this program.

We plan PLAY K programs in weekly hour-long sessions. Each session features programs on different themes, designed for children age 4 ½ to 6 who will be entering kindergarten during the next school year. In addition, take-home materials will be provided in a Parent Information Station.

A parent or caregiver will be expected to stay in the building and to participate in the play sessions following Circle Time.








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