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Who can join?

Any independent reader who:

  • Is age fifteen or younger
  • Has his or her own library card
  • Can read and write independently (that is, with only a little help)

How can you join?

  • Stop by the Library and tell any librarian that you’d like to join.
  • You’ll get a brochure that explains everything, and a slip on which you can write your name and the title of the category you’ve chosen.

What do you do?

  1. Check out books on your own card.
  2. Keep the receipts.
  3. Mark the books you’ve read.
  4. Write a short review of two of them.
  5. Turn in your receipts and your two reports.

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badge-aniWhat do you get?

  1. An Embroidered badge representing your category.
  2. Your book reviews published on the Library website
  3. Two parties a year.
  4. A chance to earn more and more badges!

The Categories

Fantasy–10 books
Countries, Travel, Adventure–10 Books
Fantasy–10 books
Favorites–15 Books
Ghost Stories, Horror–15 Books
Graphic Novels, Art, Crafts–15 Books
Mysteries–12 Books
Science, Science Fiction–10 Books
Spies, Investigations–8 Books
Pets, Domestic Animals–15 Books
Ocean, Pirates, Ecology–10 Books
Planets, Stars–10 Books
Realistic Stories, Biographies, History–15 Books
Plants, Gardens, Farms–10 Books
Strange Creatures, Monsters, Dinosaurs–15 Books
Sports–12 Books
Transportation, Technology–15 Books
Wild Animals–15 Books

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