Circulation Policy


This policy is subject to change at any time without notice.


A library card is a valuable asset. It gives you access to thousands of books, magazines, and other library materials. You are financially responsible for the items checked out on your card, so protect it as dearly as you would a credit card. Do not let others use your card and report a loss or theft of your card to the library immediately.

Borrowing privileges may be suspended for the failure to return overdue books, failure to pay overdue fines, or failure to pay for lost or damaged materials. The library will prosecute to the extent of the law permitted under the Retention of Library Property Act (Section 6708, Title 18 PA Code (PA CSA 6708) and the Library Theft Act of 1982.

Loan Period

  • Books, Magazines, Audiobooks, CDs:  2 weeks
  • DVDs:  1 week
  • Interlibrary Loan items: set by Lender
  • Hotspot Devices: 1 or 2 weeks (fee applies; see Hotspot Policy)


  • All items may be renewed UNLESS another patron has requested that item. We cannot renew items that have been requested by another patron. NO exceptions.
  • Maximum of 2 renewals per item.
  • Once an item has reached maximum renewals, the item must be returned to the Library and may not be checked out by same patron for a period of 1 month (28 days).

This policy allows other patrons the opportunity to borrow the item.


  • All items must be returned on or before their due date.
  • It is the responsibility of the patron to know when their item(s) are due.
  • Fines:
    • DVDs = $1.00 per day
    • DVDs left in book drop = Additional $0.50 per day
    • Books, Magazines, Audio, CD = $0.25 per day
    • ILL items: $1.00 per day

Lost Items and Damaged Items

  • Charges for items that are lost or damaged will equal the list/retail price of the item.
  • The library does not accept replacements for lost items purchased by the patron.

Overdue Policy

  • Patrons are responsible for renewing or returning materials on time.
  • The library does not make courtesy calls to warn of impending or active fines. Patrons can mitigate problems by providing a working email or cell phone number.
  • An “Overdue Letter” is mailed to a patron when an item becomes 2 weeks overdue.
    • Once an “Overdue Letter” is mailed:
      • Patron account is SUSPENDED until:
        • Item(s) returned and fines paid in full OR
        • Item(s) replacement cost is paid in full.
      • Patron MAY NOT RENEW any items OR CHECK OUT any new material until the overdue item(s) issue is resolved.
  • “Claimed Returned”
    • On occasion a library patron reports to the library that an overdue notice has been sent in error, and the items have already been returned. This is referred to as a “claims returned” response.
    • The library will accept a patron’s claimed returned response twice. Each instance will be noted in the patron’s account.
    • Upon the third instance, the library will assume that there is a possibility of false reports of “claims returned.” The most recent “claims returned” items will be considered overdue on the patron’s account. The patron will be expected to return the items or reimburse the library for the lost materials according to the fee schedule listed above. Failure to pay for lost books will result in suspended library privileges until the account is settled.

Suspended Privileges

  • The borrowing privileges of patrons are blocked when their accumulated fines and fees total $10.00 or more.
  • A patron whose account is blocked will be barred from using the public computers.
  • Disruptive or disrespectful behavior toward staff may result in the loss of borrowing privileges for a week or longer. This period is at the discretion of the director.


Parents/guardians are responsible for the library accounts of their children (foster children) and their borrowing privileges are linked together.

  • If the borrowing privileges of a child are blocked due to accumulated fines or fees, the borrowing privileges of the parent will also be blocked.
  • If the privileges of a parent are blocked, all children linked to the parental card will also be blocked until the reason for the block is resolved.

Interlibrary Loan

  • ILL is a privilege, not a right.  The Library will make every reasonable effort to borrow items for BPL patrons.
    • Only patrons in “good standing” may participate in this program.
    • Patrons must have at least 3 months of circulation history
    • Failure to return ILL items on time will result in a suspension of ILL privileges.
    • Patrons who have reached the maximum of $10 in fines on their BPL account may not borrow through the ILL program
  • Items borrowed must be returned by the date marked on the ILL band.
      • Items borrowed from other libraries are subject to the policies of the Lending Library
      • It will be assumed that there will be no renewals unless the Lending Library makes a note about their policy.
  • Items not picked up will be returned to the Lending Library on their due date. This may result in a future loss of privileges.
  • ILL Overdue Policy
    • The BPL will charge $1.00 per day, per item, for overdue ILL items.
    • ILL items that are returned more than 7 business days after the marked Date Due will result in the loss of ILL privileges for 90 days. Items overdue for a longer period or after a first “offense” will be suspended indefinitely.
    • The library does not make courtesy calls to warn of impending overdue items.


PDF copy of policy for printing.




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